Capture real world product issues

Analyze and solve the issues that only surface, when testing your products in a real use-context.

Screenshot of the software showing all setup products on desktop and mobile

From insights to actions? In seconds!

Ditch wasted hours of discussions around data interpretation and immediately take actions  based your products performance.
Showcasing the defect heatmap on a product

Automatized product issue heatmap

The product issue heatmap shows the aggregated issues, enabling rapid decision making for resolving strategies, even for the most complex hardware!

AI generated product issue labels

Complex and information rich data is broken down into clear and concise labels, making it easy to identify recurring issues.

A visual-first quality improvement platform

Our unique user interface prioritizes user-friendliness and speed, enhancing efficiency at every stage of the product improvement process.


Seamlessly import prototypes with our user-friendly photo integration. Snap a picture, name it, and let the system handle the rest for a hassle-free experience.

Demonstration on how a product can be setup in the platform


Elevate product tester engagement through our INSPECTOR-web app. Connect effortlessly via QR code, printed card, or email for fast, high-quality data delivery in just four steps.

Demonstration on how inspections would be collected


Quickly analyze and comprehend your product issues with our visual dashboard, presenting a heatmap and a collection of issue photos for instant clarity and action.

Demonstration how the inspections can be analysed


Effortlessly distribute identified issues to your development and production teams, ensuring rapid synchronization and efficient operations.

All benefits at a glance

Focusing on efficiency in every step. From setup to insights. Without compromising the quality of the feedback.

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Lightning fast and easy setup

Setup your product in no time and get ready for testing immediately.

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Explorative feedback collection

Gather explorative insights without bias or meaningless numbers.

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Catch issues your testing lab misses

Solve real life product issues before your product enters the market.

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Extremely short time
to insights

See your products problem areas and error-prone components in seconds.

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Share your insights with your team

Bring your whole team up to speed by sharing comprehensible insights.

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Find links between users and products

Understand the people and their use cases behind their product usage.

For your hardware industry

Sports gear

Testing your sports gear in the lab cannot adequately replicate the conditions it needs to withstand in its real life use. To make sure it's not still in the testing phase when it first encounters your customers, text and improve it in real life conditions before! We help you through this process, making it simple, fast and fitting as possible.


The importance and impeccable performance your products hold, cannot be stressed enough. That's why they deserve the best testing and preparation, to make sure they do their jobs best! We help you to prepare your products for their mission, that they stand at the quality you'd expect them to be.


Anywhere, that humans interact with devices and machines, the understanding of this interaction and their quality hold the key of long-term success in the market. Gather information that has previously been hidden and become a quality leader of business-model excellence.