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A case study on high performance hardware

Driving internal collaboration

"It was never so easy to bring my development team up to speed and take decisions that were backed by the inspections we collected."

50+ products
10+ athletes and mountain-guides
Platform access through individual codes on each product
A case study on innovative ski-boots

Identifying production issues

"The field tests showed, that some of the prototypes were too weak to withstand real user-stress. We found out, that the manufacturer did not produce according to our specifications."

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100 product tester
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A case study on functional textiles

Adapting the product construction

"We have already heard it a couple of times but never seen it. Based on the visual feedback, we could identify at scale, where we needed to iterate our construction before the go-to-market."

1 product
100 product tester (early access customers)
Platform access through an email at the end of the testing period (1 year)
A case study on the textile industry

Improving material choices

"We thought, that our materials worked perfectly for the use-case and never received negative feedback from the market. Proactively testing showed us, that there were severe issues."

15+ products
10+ product tester
Platform access through individual mails per product after 3 months
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A case study on functional textiles

Improving usability and abrasion behaviour

"By giving our ambassadors the opportunity to feedback on our product quality, we identified a location of wear&tear, that we were not aware of. It resulted in a new, innovative feature!"

8 products
12 ambassadors
Platform access through end-of-season-email
A case study on the climbing industry

Improving Go-To-Market concepts

"I finally understood, how our users perceived issues on our products. This was key to tailor our messaging and customer support."

1 product
50+ product tester
Platform access through e-mail
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