Improve Product Quality

We empower hardware companies to efficiently identify real-world issues beyond their labs, elevating the quality of their key products in the sports-equipment industry to improve their product-margins and the customer-life-time value.

Showcasing the solution by analysing an image of a product defect by identifying the product defect, its usage context and the product category,

Understand all quality issues of your products

Uncover  the missing 90% of quality issues that your testing labs didn't catch.
A screenshot of the image based view on a products defects

Improve your EBITA

Efficiently increasing the product's quality before going to market has a significant influence through four pillars on the top and bottom line of your company.

Resourceful performance

Improve your top line by focusing on the product margin, removing over-engineered components or materials from your products. Understand in detail where your products show issues and where they don't. At the same time, save weight and thereby reduce carbon emissions!

Go-to-Market success

Create products that meet the expectations of consumers and make them want to purchase your products again and again. Improve your top line in the long term. Don't leave product improvement and quality issues behind; make it an integral part of your communication to ensure your customers make a good purchasing decision.

Master the twin transition

Where digitalization and sustainability meet, a sweet spot for efficiency and impact comes to life. Lower the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) by focusing on extending the product life cycle. At the same time, lay a base for service business models driving annual recurring revenue and improving your top line.

Communication efficiency

Bring your internal communication and decision-making process to the next level by using visual, non-statistical communication that matters. Save time and make decisions founded on empirical evidence. Bring your different departments closer together by using a visual language that everyone can relate to. Say goodbye to silo thinking and improve your bottom line.

What our clients say

"We successfully identified production issues during real life testing with our professional tester which our material lab did not before mass production.”

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Ruedi Hess

Founder Of Hess skiboots
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"Never have i brought my entire development team up to speed that fast about our prototypes issues which occurred during our athlete testing."

Mammut sports group logo

Alfred Stoppacher

HEAD of eiger & innovation
AT Mammut sports Group
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"Through the gathered Inspections we discovered a weakspot in one of our flagship products that we did not know of even though we followed the standard quality ensuring guidelines.”

vidar sports logo

Rouven Kneipp

Founder  OF Vidar Sports
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Our happy Clients
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Prolonging product lifecycles for a sustainable tomorrow
An illustration showing the difference between material circularity and product circularity

Product cirularity

At BRAKEABLE, we believe that extending product lifecycles represents the most effective strategy for reducing carbon emissions related to products. A foundational element for prolonged product use is exceptional quality, which companies frequently struggle to achieve. This shortfall can result in market entry challenges and liability issues.

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We share our knowledge and inspire different industries to step up for comprehensible communication, sustainable product strategies and design!

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A portrait of stefan, co-founder of BRAKEABLE

Stefan Hauser

"We aim to BRAKE the fast-paced consumer goods market by extending product lifecycles and empowering consumers to make sustainable choices. Our goal is to create a world where waste and overconsumption are minimized."