We empower product circularity

At BRAKEABLE, we advocate extending product lifecycles as a key strategy to reduce carbon emissions. A foundational element of prolonged product use is exceptional quality, which companies frequently struggle to achieve.

An illustration showing the difference between material circularity and product circularityAn illustration showing the difference between material circularity and product circularity

We provide tools for companies to measure and improve their products' quality, encouraging repair, promoting resale, and enabling reuse. Our goal is to drive sustainability in all its forms — reducing waste and carbon emissions for the planet, and empowering products that deliver a lower cost per use to the users due to their outstanding quality.

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Prolonging product lifecycles for a sustainable tomorrow

Longevity – Your key to sustainability

When weighing sustainability between diferent materials, the most impactful question revolves around the product's achievable usage lifespan.

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Our research with the German Institute of Textile and Fibre Research (DITF) and VAUDE unveils significant differences in carbon emissions based on the materials used for similar use cases. These striking insights go beyond conventional gains from often debated sustainabilit strategies (for example transportation changes).

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We participate in the most relevant industry events to share our learnings regarding implementing a quality first product strategy. Join the discussion at the upcoming events and embark on this success journey.
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